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Air Conditioners

SirAir Air-conditioners is your best choice for cooling or heating your home and office.  A range of Domestic & Commercial energy efficient, multi-purpose air conditioners provide quiet, high performance cooling and heating, with advanced technology. Designed to deliver maximum levels of comfort while blending in with environment décor. Our air-conditioners incorporate an elegant design combined with compact dimensions, quiet operation and energy efficiency to meet the new South African regulations.

Heat Pumps and Solar Geysars

Domestic Heat Pumps are the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to heat water in your home, B&B, hotel or office. It’s also the most energy efficient way to heat water. Our pool Heatpumps provide comfortable temperatures to be enjoyed all year round. The SirAir Low pressure solar geyser gives you hot water at no cost using only the sun-rays to heat your water you completely eliminate your demand on the electrical grid. However, should the need arise each solar geyser is designed to support a local element and themosta.


For your complete solution for HVAC tools, spares and consumables look no further. Sirair is the exclusive Africa distributor of Starke products. These high quality products are durable and guaranteed to keep your installation teams happy! Our quick turnaround times for spares & consumables is what has made us very popular amongst our dealer network.

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